Tips To Remember Your Reusables

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Getting your hands on some reusable items these days are getting easier and easier, and that in itself is a wonderful feeling! I will once again state my joy when I walked into Clicks stores the other day and noticed they expanded their reusable sustainable selection by so much. They are now featuring bamboo brushes, corn starch brushes, reusable cotton rounds, bamboo face cloths and wonderful shampoo bars.

I remember at the beginning I got my hands on some pretty cool reusable items, but for the first few months they were either stashed in a drawer or cupboard. I changed a few things and I simply cant go my day without using them now, I know exactly where they are because they are always ready at hand and no longer hiding where you simply forget to use them.

Adjusting a few things can give you all the exceptional use from your product and you will never forget them again, so without further a-due...

Here are some tips to help you remember your reusables:

  1. When you cant seem to remember your grocery bags on each outing, take all your grocery bags and place it in the boot of your car, when you get to the till simply say no to a bag and pack all your groceries in the basket...when you get to your car, transfer it to the bags you have in the boot. Fun fact - the average plastic grocery bag gets is used for approximately 12 minutes before it is discarded...what an utter waste.

  2. For bamboo/ stainless steel straws... I have one specific bag I always use for outings, actually I only have two main bags, one for work and one for casual/ everyday use. In this bag I make sure I have my straws at the ready and I know they are always with me since I never use my work bag on any other occasion than work.

  3. I learnt to remember to use my bamboo face scrubs by placing them right next to my sink, I also stopped purchasing cotton rounds a while back and this also assisted since I have no other options available to wash my face/ remove make up.

  4. I have a large water-bottle at work that I refill during the day and we have several at home that we always keep filled and in the fridge. I mentioned last that my husband does not particularly like the taste of tap water so we have a large 25l canister that we refill with clean water that we use as drinking water. We have been in the habit of doing this for years before I even dove into this journey.

  5. Set electronic reminders for yourself if you know you have to go to the store on a certain day, early morning when your alarm goes off make sure you have a reminder to also inform you to pack your reusable coffee cup/ take grocery bags or whatever the case may be.

There is a writer; James clear, who suggested that every habit we have follows a pattern known as the 3 R's of habit change. This simply stands for; reminder, routine, reward.

Choose the reward you are getting from remembering to continually use your reusable options, for me personally the reward is staying in the habit of living a more sustainable life. You could argue perhaps that you want to keep using less plastic. To keep your routine decide what you need; I already had my tools at the ready with my reusable bags, and straws etc. The problem is usually the reminder, the first step in the pattern that you need to ensure keeps working.

When making these small changes that assists you in remembering to start using your reusables full time, it becomes easy. You sort of start feeling uncomfortable to the same level that we feel when you forget your just know something is off...

It really is so fun in the end of the day making use of your own things instead of continuously buying new items only to throw away the packaging. I have also mastered packing things properly in my hands to simply NOT make use of a plastic grocery bag. You will be surprised how easy you are able to adjust once you start getting into the habit.

So come on, take your phone and set that reminder until you dont need it anymore!

Till next time, be blessed.

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