Hello lovely Blossoms,

Do you ever find yourself in a space where you just think to yourself "where did all this stuff come from?"....I am married to a wonderful man and a bit of a hoarder, although he would disagree with me. My ideal living space would be super minimalistic and I do realise this is not always realistic, but I have managed to create a space in our home that suites our lives better and my husband agrees.

Because our views were so different on things to keep and things to throw away it meant that we were stuck for a long time just having all this stuff in the house that we were undecided on. I would grab a bag and just start throwing everything in that I would want to throw away and my husband would promptly start going through the bag and take almost everything out again....then I found this GREAT TedX talk ( that just explained it all, granted it is not all about decluttering but this is such a mind opening talk. I showed it to my husband and to my surprise he was he did not lose his hoarding ability overnight so I devised a plan that could make it easier for him;

We firstly decided to go room by room to minimise the overwhelming feeling, I then placed 3 boxes on the room labelled

  • Keep it

  • Wait

  • Toss it

For the keep box we placed items that we felt should be kept (we obviously had to motivate good reasons as to why), the wait box was mainly for my husband since he is indecisive of just throwing stuff away so I made a deal and said we can keep them in the wait box for a month, after the month was over we re-evaluate those items. This worked like a charm because you really start to think about the fact that you don't use some items, they just take up space. The toss it box speaks for itself, I did make a point of it to immediately throw away/donate the box to eliminate the urge to grab stuff out of it again.

After all the rooms were done, the re-evaluation was done it felt like a mountain of weight was lifted off our the house is now a breeze. No more do I need to move a thousand items to sweep under or move around to access a corner, it is all smooth sailings.

This method was so easy to implement and it gave my husband the chance to reflect on some items he had a hard time letting go of, the aim was never to force him to conform to my ideas instead the steady approach and platform to reason why an item has to stay or go opened your mind because we created a goal together. We both agree that it has made the workload much less and some days I would rather just be in my home than. go out to forget about the clutter.

If you have some "stuff" to clean up this is a great way to start! When you finish this the aim should not be to go out and buy more stuff but rather buy more consciously and sustainably.

Till next time, be blessed.

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