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Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Have you ever looked at something in your home you were excited about it at first but it wasn't exactly what you had in mind so you end up either not using it or avoiding it... well that is exactly what we had going on in our kitchen before... I made a makeshift unit consisting of 4 wooden boxes I put together using a hammer and nails...and it was fine, it wasn't what I had in mind but I thought "it will do the job".

it is like one of those things where you then start just placing things on top or around to sort of cover it up more than anything really... So I stacked that thing to the max, with all kinds of stuff, I mean at one point it was a display for my grains, legumes, ornaments I bought in Paris, fake plants as well as a place to stash our mail behind some of the bottles as well as a place to hide the chocolate slab I bought so that my husband doesn't see it and finish it all in one go... so you get what I am talking about. I told my husband I want to have a more "clean" look, not just to get rid of the mess going on but also to encourage myself to be more creative when making recipes because at that moment I would literally avoid using any of my ingredients on there.

So this weekend we started, I took all of the bottles out and cleaned & labelled them. Found proper storing space for all the other things and took the boxes apart and made a very compact neat little vegetable stand rather. My husband embarked on the construction of the new unit and every now and then I stepped in and helped.

Now if I had to explain our "working together" situation, it would be that we mostly work better together when we don't work together, for the simple reason that my husband is a little bit of a perfectionist and takes his sweet time planning, thinking and re-planning where I would have an idea and just start making... to his credit his projects mostly work out better than mine... But this weekend we worked well, he would measure and cut, I would pre assemble and assist where he needed my help, it all went great until he accidentally sawed off the end of his working table and I thought it was pretty funny and my poor husband was just upset with himself.

But all in all it was such a lovely weekend, we finished off this beauty and I am so in-love, it looks so much more inviting and creates the sense of "I want to make some food now". This got me thinking how often do we have areas in our lives or our homes that is something we use but it's not quite something we had in mind so we avoid it... and maybe all it needs is a bit of and upgrade?

If the solution is to simply upgrade or make some small additions, why do we live with something we are not completely happy with...? My only answer would be; because we accept something so easily without effort. It's all good and well, no one needs to be a machine, but a great way to ensure you get things done is to create a to-do list for the weekends, It has done wonders for us, on Friday's we quickly take 10 minutes to discuss what needs to happen the weekend and who is responsible for what, so you make your own list, and it's quite rewarding standing on a Sunday looking at all the things you accomplished.

I really love our new version of the kitchen, it looks calmer and its starting to get some more shape with our new lifestyle, I have my new grocery shopping bag ready from Earth Warrior (please check them out, they have superbly affordable products - ), I made some diy "unpaper" towels and I am waiting for my order to restock some of the bottles.

This journey so far has taught me amazing things, how we can work better together and the quick response my brain now gives when I want to buy something just by going "hey do we really need it" and I am so programmed to already distinguish between a want and a need.

I am more aware of my surroundings and notice how easily we get frustrated if we have random crap lying around because of the fact that we have less, you spot the crap so easily. I have made it a mission to store things in their place rather than leaving it on the counter or on the steps to put it away later, simply because I am also getting to know myself and I am honest with myself in these situations where I know I won't put it away later. This is by no means easy, and I still fail but I am more aware.

I have met the most amazing people so far, I am still amazed everyday by the amount of people fighting for a better tomorrow and the great things they do. I will be doing a post shortly on some of my favourite new shops and the items they offer.

The moral of the story is that you need to change what you are not happy with, it will give you a sense of peace as well as create a space where you feel more like you, isn't that something we should all strive for?

Till next time, be blessed.

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