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Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Finally after many months of testing I am ready to give you some feedback regarding my shampoo bar journey. I want to start off by saying that every shampoo bar is different and every persons hair is different. You need to find a bar that suites your needs and that simply because some did not work as well for me, they may certainly work for you.

We have been trying to cut out some chemicals in our home and using shampoo bars was one of the things I had on my list since regular o’l shampoo has a lot of ingredients that are harmful and by placing this on our scalp, whether you like it or not our skin absorbs quite a lot of product.

To date I have tried 4 different shampoo bars and one conditioner bar. I have finally found a bar that seems to be compatible with my hair and I am loving every moment. The best advice I can give for someone who wants to use shampoo bars is that there is no one size fits all. You need to experiment and be open minded. When I first started out I was very discouraged because I kept on having a waxy feel in my hair and I would then keep going back to my bottle shampoo because I did not like the oily feeling in my hair.

The first shampoo bar I tried was a Citrus with vitamin C...I don't remember the name of this bar but if I remember correctly it did not specify a brand, now as this was the first my hair had the most trouble adjusting since there is still a lot of regular shampoo build-up you needed to get rid of, so I rinsed my hair at least two times a week with apple cider vinegar. If you did not know apple cider vinegar is a great neutraliser. After about two weeks of use I decided that this is not for my hair did not enjoy this formula, it was constantly waxy even when I adjusted my washing schedule to three times a week. When you stumble upon a shampoo bar that does not work for your hair do not despair because I then found a new shaving bar since it does lather up quite thick.

The next bar I used was one from Lush, Jason and the Argan Oil. Although personally I do like Lush as a brand, since I find them to be a bit over-commercialised and that sort of put me off. But this bar really was a life saver in terms of keeping me on the shampoo bar track. it did a wonderful job cleaning without leaving too much residue and it did not make my hair overly oily. If you want to start with a shampoo bar I would recommend Lush since they have sort of perfected the art of shampoo bars but just with A-LOT of fragrance... you do not even need perfume after your wash. I bought this purely to see if it could keep me going and not with the purpose of only sticking to them.

You can find this wonderful bar here:

After my month of Lush use I bought a foameez bar, which was really not bad but it did remind me too much of my bad experience with the citrus one. Slowly the waxiness creeped back and I decided to stop using this within week two of testing since I could already see where this was leading to. Again no shampoo bar wins here but another shaving soap or even just general cleaning soap was won.

Here is the link to a foameez bar:

The one I am currently using and really really loving is the Zero bar. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, but I jumped in. It smelled subtle but wonderful. I am now on a great schedule of three times a week washing and I still want to try and decrease this. I have had no experience with any waxy feeling and my scalp is not overproducing any oils so I can keep my hair looking fresh for longer. This shampoo is fast becoming my staple need and I don't feel the need to conditioner every single use. The only downside I feel with this is that it takes a little long to dry so traveling is a bit of getting used to.

Follow this link to see some more zero bars:

One extra addition I have not mentioned is the use of a conditioner bar. I have not used conditioner with every singly use and I only condition from the middle of my hair down to my tips. I use my Bundubeard mint conditioner bar that I received as a small gift with the purchase of my razor and I will keep saying that this is one of the best little conditioner bars ever. It smells amazing, leaves you're hear fresh and soft and does not make it oily at all.

Have a look at their conditioner bar here:

Do not get discouraged when you start using shampoo bars and you feel like you have made a mistake, the one bar might not work for you but it does wonders for someone else. Like perfume shampoo bars is a very personal choice and one perfume might last on your skin and not others so you simply have to brows around a little and find that perfect match. But I would recommend a shampoo bar to every single person I meet and the benefits are wonderful!

You get to restore your hair without any product build-up and it last a long time since a little goes a very long way. So I am sure your bank account will thank you in the long run.

I encourage each and every person to give a shampoo bar a try, they really are a small compact burst of surprise. Have you tried or ever thought of trying a shampoo bar?

Let me know in the comment section down below.

Till Next time, Be Blessed.

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