Mistakes to avoid when shopping

Hello Lovely Blossoms,

When I first started my journey on a less waste-full life I made a ton of mistakes and kept sort of falling back into the norm here and there... and every-time I would return home after our shopping I would look at all the plastic items I have brought home and just feel like it's an impossible task to live plastic free then.

To some degree that is a true statement, I honestly don't think you can ever live 100% plastic free, you can definitely limit the amount of plastic you use and bring into your home but some items you will just not win with. I was completely lost on how to begin and move forward. So what do you do in situations where you don't know...you go online of-course...

I have a few Youtube channels I love to watch since it provides so much information, encouragement and guidance. One specific one I would recommend is https://www.youtube.com/user/Shelbizleee , she has great ideas on how to live sustainably.

So without further a-due here is my list of mistakes to avoid when shopping ( I have failed at, improved and overcome them all, so it is possible :) )

1. Shopping Bags

Always have your spare shopping bags with you, even if you are only going to the shop

to buy one thing. I have done this tons of times where I am only popping in for a specific

item I could carry with my hand and end up walking out with a bag full. That being said,

planning is key! What I do to remind myself, I placed a few bags in the boot of my car so

when I am at the counter I can say no I don't need bags, pack them all in my trolley and

when I get to my car I simply pack it all in the bags. (P.S these lovely bags will be made

available in the near future to purchase)

2. Plan your trip

One thing I have noticed is that we tend to buy a whole lot of crap when we don’t plan

our shopping, you walk in and get so overwhelmed by all the labels that say "sale and

save" that you tend to overpack not to miss the special. What we don’t realise is that you

overspend unnecessarily and that is when we waste, we have trashed so much food

for going bad because we simply don’t get to using it in time, there was just too much in

the fridge.

3. Do Your Research

This is a must, when you want to break old habits you need to stop doing it the old

way... After taking my time and searching around I found a few great shops that has the

same values when it comes to sustainability and I love to support them. You can get all

your grains, herbs, spices, cleaning, and more from one of my favourite shops

https://therefillery.co.za , I know shipping can sometimes be one heck of a hassle

but I support their movement with a smile. If you really don’t want to do shipping you

can also go to places like food lovers market and take your own brown paper bags or

take some vegetable bags and fill them yourself with their loose fruit and veg selection.

You can also go to your local market (for me - the Boeremark) and get your fresh veggies

early in the morning for a great price

4. Do not go on a shopping spree

You do not need to throw out everything in your home and start from scratch when you

are going more sustainable. I still have all my plastic bowls and lunch

boxes, I just don't add anymore to that, If I need to add, I will then just opt for a glass

version or recycled plastic version. No one said you HAVE to have only recyclable

items...I felt I needed to be zero waste everything and plastic free everything...but I soon

realised that it is an unrealistic goal. The most important thing to remember is that you

need to start purchasing with purpose.

5. Making it all to hard for yourself

This one is very important, this whole journey is your own, so the great thing is you can

set your own pace. Do not get distracted by whet other people are constantly doing and

then you feel like a failure because you are not there... move as slowly or as fast as you

can manage. You dont need to have your home look like the magazine ready version of a

plastic free/ zero waste lifestyle. You only need to do what you can handle, and if that

means that for the first year all you can do is stop asking for grocery bags then GREAT, if

it means that you only start using one water-bottle then GREAT! The fact that you are

already just trying and starting is one heck of an achievement and you should feel proud

of every small step you take , this is your journey, embrace it and make it authentically


This is a wonderful change in lifestyle and I am so incredibly happy that we took the steps to start, it has been so rewarding and expanded our little bubble so much so that we are even looking beyond just shopping changes. If you only take one of these ideas and incorporate it in your life then you are already making the biggest change ever. Well done and good luck on your journey ahead!

Till next time, be blessed.

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