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Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Today I want to talk about a very important subject in life... self acceptance. This is something I think every person has at some or other point in your life encountered. Now I will be honest and tell you that I have never been the skinniest of girls, I find myself to be relatively average and for a very long time I felt "chubby" or "ashamed" of my body.

We are constantly bombarded with the worlds view of what we should be and how we should look that it is nearly impossible to ever reach the point of perfection. Slowly I started appreciating the body that I have and I am more comfortable in my own skin with my stretch-marks and cellulite... Let me clarify that accepting your body does not mean just do whatever...this mean taking care of it as well. There is a difference between accepting it as is and setting a goal of where you want it to be, but first you need to love and accept the one you have now.

This was all a mind battle and it starts by looking in the mirror and instead of saying "urgh my skin looks so bad today" or "I wish my tummy was a little more flat" just take a moment and think of the positive things you like about your body... maybe you have great hair, maybe you have bright eyes... keep telling yourself at least one positive thing each day.

Now I cannot stress enough how much I believe in the power of your mind, we grew up in a home where if you had a bad day, my mom would tell you to just keep thinking positive. In that moment I would tell myself yeah right... but it does stir something in your brain and sooner or later you will have a different outlook... This stuck in my life and made such a huge impact in every negative or bad situation I have ever faced.

I started researching this effect and found quite a few videos and articles of proven effects of thinking in a better or a different way, the biggest example I can give is the placebo effect. Here is one of the best Ted talks I have watched on this phenomenon and it can explain it all better than I ever could:

This past weekend I had the privilege to take photos of this wonderful lady, I was so surprised and inspired by the way she specifically mentioned "I want to see my fat rolls" and it made me realize that we should all have this wonderful mentality. Capturing these moments made me see the most natural beautiful parts we actually poses.

This truly was an eye opening shoot, and my message today would be to start living a life where you honestly accept and love the body you have. We are all different but we all have so many great physical qualities... let's start celebrating our bodies, what a difference it can make in not only our own lives but the lives we come in contact with.

I am making it a personal goal to bring out the good in every person I meet and actually tell it to their face and not just think it to myself... we don't always understand the immense impact we can make by uplifting someone you know or meet.

Love your body a little more each day... after all, it's the only one you have.

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Till next time, be blessed.

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