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Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Another week has come and gone, we have finally entered the excitement of plastic free July, (by the way there are some amazing deals on zero waste shops if you ever wanted to get in the vibe) This weekend was supposed to be a fun relaxing couple of days, I had some projects planned and a fun video... but as life happens sometimes things slip out of our hands.

I decided to rather post about the great benefits of going vegetarian and why I decided to do so, you see every-time I mention to someone I am vegetarian, they almost immediately label you as a "tree hugger" and I am flattered of course who wouldn't want to be that free... but no that is not the case.

So this has always been sort of "the dream" for me, I would look at other vegetarians and think "damn it looks so cool" but I would also think, I could never do that... from a very young age I would get pretty bad heartburn and I didn't think too much of it, it sort of ran in the family.

in the beginning of last year I wanted to do a sort of "detox" and one of the things that was not allowed was meat, after a month I realised I had not once grabbed the milk, Gaviscon or a packet of Rennies. I slept better and I just felt so much better.

I didn't fully commit after the detox, rather I picked days where we only ate veggies, like "meatless Monday's" and "wildcard Wednesdays" where I would try prepare something vegetarian we have not tried yet. This year I decided to commit more... we are now at a place where I make vegetarian meals every day of the week and when my husband is craving some meat he will tell me and I will incorporate it in his meal only.

There are a million reasons to go meat free and everyone has their own "why" story, this is just mine, but to highlight some of the benefits that might persuade you:

  • It is great for your heart, there are a number of studies showcasing a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases in people who adopted a vegetarian diet.

  • It is sustainable (bonus!) it causes less harm to the environment than a meat based diet.

  • Lowers cholesterol, studies also found that vegetarians have a lower cholesterol level.

  • Significantly lowers your chances of contracting cancer, there have been large studies around the effects of diet and cancer. It seems the non-meat eaters benefit the most when it comes to this disease.

  • Improves your metabolism, vegetarian food is easily digest-able so the benefits of this one stretches far and wide.

This is a journey I can really recommend to any person, believe me we don't just eat salad every day. My husband is a meat eater by heart and he has not gone to bed once feeling unsatisfied with the food we make. I think this is perhaps the biggest delusion that most have regarding vegetarianism... they think you will have nothing to eat... expand your world a little, you will be amazed.

During this entire shift, it has opened up my mind to so many new possibilities, I started a small vegetable garden, I am exploring more with grains and baking alternatives. It has made our meal time so much more than it used to be because all the new items are open for discussion, what we like about it, what we don't... what can we change about it in the future to incorporate it more in our meal plan... the best thing about this is that you can just go nuts.

If you love being in the kitchen this is a wonderful challenge for yourself, experiment a little more and don't be afraid of making a recipe you have never made... you will never know until you try. Don't know where to start? try Pinterest, follow a few vegetarian accounts on instagram, they always have wonderful tips and ideas.

My goal is not to try and convert anyone, but if you just simply live a little more openminded you will be surprised by the result.

Have a happy healthy week, till next time, be blessed.

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