Lets Bloom Together

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Welcome lovely blossoms,

What a journey to get to this point today, by no means does this mean there is relaxing times ahead as I have a long train of exiting topics lined up to reveal. Although the blog page only came into realisation in the last few weeks the idea has been brewing for a couple of years.

If I had to look back at where it started somewhere in 2016, my life looked a-lot different. I had finished my studies, had a great opportunity to work in USA and when I returned it felt somewhat like I had returned to an empty bubble. Having a degree in hospitality returning to an oversaturated market in SA, which unfortunately does not have the greatest record of remuneration... meant that I was jumping between a few jobs to make ends meet. I stumbled myself into a job interview at a wedding venue and I loved it. I loved creating the vibe, giving inputs and watching over 60 brides walk down the aisle to beautiful to imagine. This sure sparked the creative side in me.

There are few words to describe the feeling of creating something that you are proud, of or experiencing something new and the words just seem to bubble out of my mouth as I intricately explained how I managed to make something or the joy of finally trying out something I had always wanted. Through this, the idea of putting all those words and ideas on paper started brewing.

I decided to take a break from the industry in 2018 and moved to job that allowed more flexibility, during my time there I was able to start up my photography business and delve more into the idea of creating a blog. As life transitions us through seasons it became more clear to me the path I wanted to take and I became so interested in creating a cleaner more natural living environment for our household. I have managed to get our home. to a place where we feel relaxed and comforted bu our surroundings.

There are some products and options I have tried but there are still thousands left to explore and this will definitely be a big part of this journey. When the entire world was thrown into the grips of lockdown I told myself, what better time to start investing in this chapter than now. I have spent the last couple of weeks preparing, planning and realising the possibility of having my very own blog.

My hope is to create a platform to experiment and explore new possibilities together, dive into a cleaner healthier lifestyle and always indulge in a scrumptious recipe or two. My aim is to empower, provide knowledge, entice and grow together with you.

The reason I chose Blooming Blossoms as my name is the idea that no matter what life hands you there is always a season to blossom. So let's all bloom together in this crazy thing we call life.

Until next time, be Blessed.

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