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Hello Lovely Blossoms,

When I started my zero waste/ plastic free journey one of the things I was desperate to try was a shampoo bar. I have incredibly thin and frail hair and the last couple of years my hair was just about as excited about life as my grandmothers curtain. I decided to cut the dead weight and it felt wonderful. So when I got home I was a little bit like "ok so what now?" I jumped online and got myself a shampoo bar... in the meantime while I was waiting I washed my hair with Pure Glycerine soap...yes baby soap...This was not as successful as I had hoped...if you love the feeling of your hair when you are getting out of the ocean and jumping into a chlorine pool and your hair is like stringy dry straw sticks, that’s about what the glycerine soap does.

So when my shampoo bar arrived I was stoked, I jumped into the shower and washed. It definitely does not lather the same as shampoo and I was all for it. Did as good of a job I could, rinsed it out and then...my heart fell, I was pulling my fingers through my hair and it felt like I had dumped a pot of wax on it. frantically I washed it again to have the same results. I resorted to the old usual shampoo bottle that night, terrible failure I will admit.

So after my fun shower experience, I went back online trying to figure out what I am doing wrong...and it turns out this is normal. When you have been using "normal" store bought products you probably have some build-up that needs to be cleaned out first. I felt better about the situation, and I have been trying my shampoo bar now for almost a month...one thing that helps a lot with the "waxies" - yes this is the actual terms for when your hair goes through this cleansing period...I discovered Apple Cider Vinegar. This does wonders... I am still not 100% over the cleansing period and I have a feeling that it might be because I need to try out a few different shampoo bars, just like store bought is specifically for your type of scalp, so is shampoo bars crafted the same.

I have been cutting out any assistance from dry shampoos and I am trying to only wash my hair every second day which is a step up from the norm already since I washed it every day. There are days when I feel like I should just revert back to the store shampoo but in all honesty I really want to see if this works. So I purchased a new shampoo bar, I have not used it yet as I feel like I should give the current one a fair try for a full month.

The next one I will be trying out is from Rethink Redesign - https://rethinkredesign.co.za/product-category/bathroom/soaps-bars/

Even if you are not shopping for shampoo they have a few other great products that you have to try!

I will be giving my month update on the new one next month so that I can properly try it out as well. One thing I know is if I can get the perfect bar for me I will never go back to store shampoo. My hair has never felt more flaky and dry as the last two years and I used nothing else but the shampoos you buy from the stores. So I am super amped for this to work. I will give it a fair go of 6 months before I will explore natural shampoo alternatives that are not bar shampoos.

And if you are wondering why in all of this I have not mentioned conditioner, I am trying to balance out my hair with just the shampoo first, in a way I am trying to see if one product works before I introduce another... and also I read somewhere that you might not even need conditioner that often when you use shampoo bars...so fingers crossed.

If you have gone through the same cleansing period with the waxies let me know what you did to speed the process up?

Till next time, be blessed.

photo credit - https://www.littlesnapsphoto.com

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