How To Travel Sustainably

Hello lovely Blossoms,

Goodness me, it has been quite some time since I have been able to post, these past two weeks have been hectic beyond words but I am back and I have my trusty travel tips ready for you today.

So with the holidays coming up, I stared wondering how will I be staying committed to the sustainable patterns I have created over the last couple of months...We are in a wonderful space where we are creating less waste at home, I have my routine established when we need to go shopping etc but this will be our first holiday since we started this journey.

I read up on some wonderful tips and tricks I will definitely be using them during our upcoming holiday. There are a couple of elements I thought of touching, since the holiday does not start the moment you arrive there but rather when you step foot in your car, I decided I will make three subcategories, one for the trip down and one for the stay and the bathroom necessities.

The Trip Down:

One of the simplest and easiest ways to be more conscious about what you will be eating is to pack your snacks beforehand, that way you are not tempted to buy random crap at every stopping point. I have noticed we always pack way too much on our road trips, so one thing for me is definitely to minimise our snacking options and only take what is really needed. Not only does this helps to keep that physique in shape but also gives you more leg space in the car.

We will only be having a one day drive so no need to sleep over, but in the event where you need to sleep over pick up your phone and ask them if they have food inhouse or if you need to bring your own. There are lots of places that still serve b&b so no need to cater for breakfast for yourself then.

Here is a list of things to consider for your drive:

- Take a tea towel/ dish towel. This has a range of purposes like drying out your coffee cup to reuse, drying your hands, wrapping up food etc. This is definitely a very versatile item instead of paper towels.

- Your trusty reusable grocery bag, this can not only be used as your storage for your snacking items but by the time you get to your destination you have an empty bag ready to be used on any and all outings again.

- Your reusable water bottle/ coffee cup. We are sort of coffee and tea addicts so this is a must have in all our road trips.

- Wrap your cutlery (if you need some) in your dish towel, that way they are in a safe spot and easily accessible.

Your Vacation Packing List:

So the next category is your big heavy travel bag, I am very guilty when it comes to this, I overpack intensely since I always think "but maybe I would want to wear this and this and this" but I end up wearing the initially packed items before I started adding everything. My goal is to pack only the necessary this year.

I have a very handy solution this year, I made myself some sustainable baggies that I will pack my daily clothes in. That way I am committed to my selections and if it does not fit in the baggie it does not travel along. I will really be trying to pack more strategically and plan out my days in advance instead of just adding a thousand items I might wear.

For my packing list I will be making a whole other post to emphasise my packing journey and how I might suck or randomly surprise myself.

For my bathroom baggie I will need only the following:

- Toothbrush

- Shampoo bar

- Razor

- hair brush

- bamboo wash cloth

- My period cup

- soap bar

When the time comes closer to packing I will be updating if I was able to stick to the above, I have high hopes for the road trip and my bathroom bag, my actual travel bag I am still in a bit of a mind struggle but I will try my best.

Going on a road trip or on vacation should not be a headache or a packing nightmare, I know I always plan ahead with this but then I end up only actually packing the night before we leave, so this year I will try to break some bad habits with regards to our packing routine to take as little as possible and only what is needed. After-all we will be camping so there is not a-lot of space for extravagancies in any-case.

What are some of your tips for sustainable travel?

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