First It Rains Then You Bloom

Hello Lovely Blossoms

Can you believe July has already come and gone? This year is just flying past, not that I am complaining I mean 2020 is definitely a year that I think most people do not want over financial or emotional wise.

So today will not be about anything related to my zero waste journey or sustainability, I just wanted to share a piece of my heart...

This week was probably one of the biggest rollercoasters we have been on for a while... we had a major setback at my husband’s work due to the effects of Covid, I was feeling a bit sick and spent about two days in bed with a few toilet-paper tissues in my nose. My father finally entered the pensioners life and we went to say good-bye to the home I grew up in.

Now during all of this I know I had days where it just felt like too much, but I also know this is just as much of a weight for my husband so I would rather help him carry it than be the one just thinking it’s all going to crash down and leave him to his own thoughts. This weekend we went to my parents to congratulate my father and also just spend a little time with them, they are entering a precious time in their lives and we wanted to be part of that. Just before we left for home we were all standing outside in the sun reminiscing about all the wonderful memories we made in this house when we grew up. My sisters could not be there this weekend but the memories stay the same.

We laughed, cried, yelled, hugged and played in that house, I know every corner, every crack and mis-painted spot in our home and it was wonderful to share a last coffee remembering all of these and pass it on to someone new who will start their own chapter again.

On the drive home we started talking about how crazy this week was and we made jokes and it was this very calm feeling that everything was just going to be okay. I was sitting in bed last night, not knowing what I will write about since I slipped on planning last week and I did not know what it will be...

I decided that I should share how changes affect our lives, I mean we could have just sat in a corner and cried and be miserable about everything, instead I stayed calm. I kept telling myself that everything will work out and everything happens for a reason. I just kept repeating this in my head and somehow I just know in my heart we will be okay.

Maybe you are going through some changes as well good/ bad and maybe you just needed to hear that it will all be okay and it will all work out. Just take a few moments and close your eyes and breathe. As humans we will always strive to better ourselves and maybe this was just the bump you needed to push yourself to that uncomfortable spot to finally start doing that thing you were too scared of... let no one influence your goal... let them talk but keep your eye on that goal. Keep the circle of people who want to see you succeed close to you and let those voices guide you. I can’t tell you enough what a difference the people make that you surround yourself with.

So in essence if you needed a boost today to give you some peace in your heart, just know that it will work out. There is a bigger plan involved in all of our lives and keep your trust in that.

Till next time, be blessed.

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