15 Ways To Save Water

Hello Lovely Blossoms,

Starting off this is something that you have heard since the moment you were taught to wash your hands in pre-school. Although this is probably so drilled into our minds and yes there are the basics that I think we all do, for instance "don't let the tap drip" there might be a few you have not though about and in reality it is so easy once you have established a routine.

Now I am not pretending that I am this magical person able to so it all, I still fail a lot and there are definitely areas I can improve in. The major point to remember is if you are at least doing one you are already at a starting point of saving water and ultimately saving yourself some money on water and electricity.

I thought this might be a good time to post since summer is fast approaching us here in South Africa, so without further a-due, here is my list of 15 ways to consciously save water in your daily life:

  1. When you do your dishes, don't let the water run for rinsing, you can either fill the second basin for rinsing if you have one, or just turn the tap on to quickly rinse.

  2. If you have two basins in the kitchen, use the cold water that starts to run when opening the faucet to fill the rinsing basin first. By the time the water is warm you can turn it to the washing side.

  3. If you have a dishwasher, always use the eco option, in many instances this will use less water than actual washing in the long run.

  4. If you are like me and basically survive off of coffee and tea, instead of using a new cup every-time, simply do a quick rinse before your next use. After-all its only you using that cup.

  5. Left a pot to soak overnight? Instead of just throwing that water down the drain, why not use it to water some plants. (obviously not your herbs and vegetables since you would want to consume this)

  6. If you can, place a bucket in the shower before you get in to catch the cold water that would otherwise just be dumped down the drain since no one wants to get into an ice cold shower. Use this water to either water your plants or cook pasta.

  7. If you are a shower lover, simply start timing your showers and cut a few minutes off. This will save you thousands of litres in the long run.

  8. Limit your bath times, I am very guilty of taking too many baths and I know I have to still work on this some more. But baths take up a-lot of water. Limit this to special occasions.

  9. Keep tissues and hair that might have fallen on the floor - Ladies you all know about this one- rather throw it in a dustbin, don't flush it down the toilet and waste water unnecessarily.

  10. When doing laundry make sure you select the quick wash option. There is no need to have your washing in the machine for hours on end.

  11. Always make sure you have a full load of washing before you use your machine. If you have something that needs to be washed, instead of washing half a load grab those items you always say you have to wash but never get round to it like the scatter cushions on the couch or the spare bedroom throw.

  12. Collect rain water from the gutter and use this to wet the lawn. This is something that is still on our list as we are planning to invest in a water tank that will be placed under the gutter.

  13. When watering your plants make sure you do it during the cooler times of the day like mornings or late afternoons.

  14. When using the hose make sure you have a nozzle on, this way you can control the water-flow and since the nozzle makes more of a spray than just flat out water it is already a better option.

  15. If you have a pool, always keep it covered when not in use, this will limit evaporation.

Other than the list above there really is a great number of alternative things you can try, like using a water-bottle throughout the day instead of filling with the tap all the time since there is a bit of runoff when you open and close the tap... maybe there are some new things here you have not thought about that you can start implementing in your daily life.

What are some things that you do to save or conserve water in your life? I would love to hear some of your tricks of the trade that I can also incorporate in my life. We live in a beautiful world that deserves all the preservation it can get. Let's commit during this time to make a real effort before summer starts and use it as a teaching tool for your children so that it will become such a normal act for them and they will in turn be able to teach their kids one day so that we can keep this cycle going.

Till next time, be blessed.

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